True happiness in Volunteering

The true happiness of volunteering

One of the best ways, to keep yourself happy, is to volunteer . I volunteer at two non profit organizations . It makes me feel good that I’m helping people and it’s for a good cause . Which is awesome ! It can just be, a couple hours a week and it’s very flexible . Even if you work  full time , you can always fit in your schedule . It has changed my life for the good , taught me a lot about myself . I love to live with purpose , to impact  others in a positive way .

I started volunteering last year ,  knowing it was a calling on my life . We all have different callings  in our  life , but  in my heart,  I knew my calling was  volunteering .  We all know our gifts and talents are, as we grow in Christ .We need to use those gifts to make the world a better place . You can have a good impact in the workplace also , as in encouraging your coworkers and telling  them their work is  appreciated . So I hope I have given you some good ways to live a happy life .

The Unexpected heartache

The unexpected heartache

When you walk threw heartache , it can bring pain , loneliness , frustration to one’s life . We have to take one day at a time , and live within the moment and look at the positive things in life , as in family , friends , etc . Grief is a process and sometimes a tough one .

Let me tell you my story of pain , mine comes in grief . I lost my father in May , my mom   died just seven years prior  .I could still  remember, finding out he had passed away . There were  so many emotions racing over me , I thought  maybe they would consume me . Memories of my dad were painful , to say the least . At first it seemed like I had hundreds  of  memories racing threw my mind , it was like watching a movie .

I also dealt with  loneliness , I didn’t feel like people understood me . People don’t want to deal with grief , which is understandable . It’s a painful and hard topic . At first , I was at the phase , I felt like I had to get it out of my system . So I would talk to my friends about it , After a while , I got tired of hearing myself talk about it and it didn’t seem to help, . So I went into survival mode , I would push the feelings down , and act like  everything was fine , but it wasn’t .

The only One I could depend on was Christ . He’s the only one that I can count on . Even though my parents are not here anymore ,I still have my father in heaven and I’m blessed ! I’m able to talk to Him everyday ,He gives me peace and love , that I need . He motivates me to keep going and thrive .