Sending a text with hope

Sending a text with hope

Hello everyone! I want to talk about the second way to encourage others ,by texting someone . I know sometimes texting can be impersonal , but it’s about the words , that are spoken  .  A short caring text can make a big  difference , in someone’s life  .We never really know what people going through , in their daily life   , that’s why those encouraging words can help , bring hope into their lives . People need to know that people care  , that they are not alone . That we all have problems , even though they may be different .  It’s definitely a reason to encourage others .   The text could be an opening to a deeper conversation . The conversation can lead up to relief to that person , by letting them have a chance  to open up ,and by telling them that Christ is ultimately ,the only One that can help us . He is the only One that can give unconditional love and peace .

So keep leaning on the Lord , stay in His  Word and in prayer . We need to trust Him in this journey .

True happiness in Volunteering

The true happiness of volunteering

One of the best ways, to keep yourself happy, is to volunteer . I volunteer at two non profit organizations . It makes me feel good that I’m helping people and it’s for a good cause . Which is awesome ! It can just be, a couple hours a week and it’s very flexible . Even if you work  full time , you can always fit in your schedule . It has changed my life for the good , taught me a lot about myself . I love to live with purpose , to impact  others in a positive way .

I started volunteering last year ,  knowing it was a calling on my life . We all have different callings  in our  life , but  in my heart,  I knew my calling was  volunteering .  We all know our gifts and talents are, as we grow in Christ .We need to use those gifts to make the world a better place . You can have a good impact in the workplace also , as in encouraging your coworkers and telling  them their work is  appreciated . So I hope I have given you some good ways to live a happy life .