When Forgiving Has Become Hard

We have to be aware

We always need to aware of  our  unforgiveness   , that may develop in our hearts , it has to come to the light , and with the light , the truth will come . Unfortunately  in my twenties , I would rarely ask for forgiveness  , at that time I had too much pride . I wasn’t looking to the Lord , I was looking at the wrong  and  I was listening too much to the world , so I would lie myself and say it was okay . I look back at that time in my life , I know now , that  God changed me for the better and He can do the same thing for you . You have to trust Him and humble yourself and lean on Him , to work in your heart .

We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit , so we don’t miss Him . All of us need to be thankful for the convictions that He gives us . so there can be change .  He’s not condemning us ,  God  loves us , He doesn’t want His children to go in  the wrong direction . We are here for a reason , that is to glorify Him .

Read This Verses to Help with Forgiveness

  1. Colossians 3:13
  2. Ephesians 4: 31-32
  3. 1John 1:9
  4. Luke 17 : 3-4

Read this verses everyday in the morning , the words will slowly day by day transform your heart . Don’t forget to pray , the Lord loves to hear from this children .

My favorite Christian YouTube Channels

I hope you check out these YouTube channels , they have helped me a lot on my Christian journey .

  1. https://youtu.be/U-2SgffCfHk
  2. https://youtu.be/qRuA-ggXwvs

Listening to God’s voice

Listening to God’s voice

God speaks to us in numerous ways ; as in through other Christians , a strong feeling in your spirit , or through circumstances .

We have to remember to stay in God’s word , in a daily basis,.  to get to know Him and being  in prayer , by speaking and listening Him . Being in His presence, in the stillness , that’s when you can hear Him. God  works in mysterious ways , that we may not understand .We need to keep trusting  Him , He will answer our prayer in His perfect timing , even if doesn’t , its okay , because God knows what we need. Trust Him that He will answer the prayer in due time .. God knows what we need. He is our Father .

Before I finish writing , I want to tell you about one of my answered prayers . I prayed that my husband , would go to church with me . Time passed by , nothing had changed . Then one day I came home from church , I then went outside ,looking for my husband , found him on the back porch , when he looked at me and said,  ” He wanted to start going to church , with me  ” , I have to admit I was surprised ! , I knew it that is was God ,who had answered my prayer .